Equator Instant Coffee Gives You A Kickass Cup Of Coffee On The Go

equator instant coffee

Brewing coffee at home, in your own coffee maker, is always the most cost-effective method of pouring caffeine into your face. Sadly, we aren’t always home when we get a hankering for a cup of hot java. With the abundance of coffee shops, gas stations, diners, bakeries, grocery and convenience stores you would think getting a good cup of coffee on the go is easy. And it can be, but the coffee you are getting at a lot of places is going to pale in comparison to the quality of Equator Instant Coffee.

Equator teamed up with Sudden Instant Coffee to make the best tasting instant brew ever. Seriously. Forget everything you know about instant coffee because Equator is a game-changer. We have tried it, and it is legit. Totally blows away any other instant coffee we have ever had the misfortune of ingesting.

This instant coffee is made by Sudden Coffee using single origin beans roasted by Equator Coffee & Teas. Its objective is to give you a rich, flavorful cup of coffee at instant speeds. The package includes six tubes of instant coffee, which are all packaged in a compostable tubes with a recyclable caps, with a cloth cinch bag for carry. Perfect for those who don’t want to destroy the environment. (That should be all of us, really). Best of all, you don’t have to force yourself to drink this coffee because of a short shelf life; Equator instant coffee has a six month shelf life. So take your time and enjoy. Buy:$20


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