Erik Lang and The Offices’ Kevin: Golf Gamble

Many people seem to be on board the golf hate train. As a slower paced, calm game there are lots who find the sport boring to watch. This game between Erik Anders Lang and Brian Baumgartner (or Kevin from The Office as you might know him) is anything but boring.

The Bridges

This friendly match was played at The Bridges Golf Course in beautiful Rancho Sante Fe, California. Though the scenery is nice, the jokes are better. While Lang typically doesn’t allow himself to bet on golf he gives an exception for this particular competitor. Brian is a betting man, and with $100 on the line through the back 9 holes, it makes things all the more interesting. While it isn’t the highest stakes or a serious game, there’s something enjoyable about watching a couple of comedic athletes out on the course giving each other a hard time and enjoying the sport.