ESCAPE Tiny House: Ready to Explore from Home

Lots of people nowadays seem to have the mindset that more is more. That having a more expensive car, a bigger house, or more clothes is always better. These things can be nice, but sometimes less just does the job. It certainly does the job with the ESCAPE Tiny House. This little home may be physically ‘less’ than the average home, but it’s everything you could want in a home… and more.

What Exactly is a Tiny House?

Tiny homes are more than just a small house. It’s about more than just the size, or lack of it. Yes, it is small, 313 square feet to be exact. But these homes are so special because of how much more they can provide to the owners. This one comes on a custom built steel trailer with 7,000 lb tandem axles, electric breaks, Hopkins break-away safety system, leveling jacks, and a steel rodent resistant underside. This means you aren’t tied down to one neighborhood or city. You have the freedom to go anywhere, and to bring your home with you. That’s why tiny homes are so much more. With no locational limitations and virtually no financial limitations either, these homes are perfect for those who want to live out a life full of adventure and new experiences.

Features of This Home

Insulation, climate control, bedroom, living room, plumbing, kitchen, bathroom, a warranty, and even storage space. These are all pieces of this house. Deciding to go with a tiny living space does not mean giving up all the creature comforts or making any sacrifices. The whole home is lighted by LED warm lighting, giving a bright but soft and comfy feeling glow. The bedroom has a queen bed with storage space beneath, large windows for natural lighting, and a nightstand and hanging cabinet. There is also an option to add a TV with a BluRay player or bookshelf with extra storage. The living room offers seating space via a full-sized couch; as well as a table, ceiling fan, bookshelf, and entertainment system including a TV and BluRay player.

The kitchen is fully loaded with maple cabinets, a stainless sink, and solid butcher block tops. Though the space is small it makes good use and even has all the appliances of a traditional kitchen. This includes a full-sized fridge/freezer, and a gas or induction cooktop. In the kitchen space is also a kitchen table which is neatly nestled up against the wall below a large window. In the bathroom there is a 60″ tub/shower, 60″ vanity, and Toto toilet. It also has towel bars, a large mirror, and vent fan. Some other options in this tiny house are stone countertops, USB outlets, cellular shades, an exterior shower, and even a washer and dryer. This home really has everything you could ask for.

Curb Appeal? Road Appeal? It’s Got it All

Whether you’re parked up at your favorite resting spot or on the road with your home, it’s got plenty of exterior appeal. With pre-finished cedar lap siding and trim with steel accents, this home has a very fun farmhouse look to it. Plenty of windows with space to hang flowers give an authentic homey feel. It also has a 36″ door with a large glass window painted a beautiful, clean white color with a light next to it to illuminate the entrance at all times. The exterior equally stunning as the tidy and cozy interior so that your home looks good from any view.

They have created the perfect package with their ESCAPE Tiny House. For only $64,300 this compromise free home can be all yours. Maybe it’s time you trade your big, admittedly wasteful home for something more efficient and fun. Get a tiny home and adventure, explore, and travel to new places all without having to leave home behind. Buy Here


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