The Essential Hangry Kit Is Perfect For THAT Person

No one wants to be that person. We all know one. That’s right, the one who turns into a monster of unspeakable nature when they are hungry. Perhaps it is you yourself that is the hangry beast. Regardless, the monster within can only be satisfied in one way: snacks. And lots of them. Next time you or your loved one gets hangry, be prepared with this Essential Hangry Kit. It has everything you need to combat the monster of hunger and return to a normal peaceful state.

Like Medicine, But For Hunger

There’s nothing better than wolfing down a snack when you’re hungry. Even when you don’t look like one, a good snack can make you feel on top of the world. Hunger is like a disease. Maybe you’re patient zero after skipping breakfast because you’re in a rush. Or, maybe you catch it from a co-worker who won’t stop talking about how good their food was last night or the delicious lunch waiting in the fridge. You could go steal that lunch, but then you might get in trouble. Or you could plan ahead and stash an Essential Hangry Kit in your office, your car, or even in your room.

When the hangry monster strikes, just open up your kit and go to battle. Inhale Cheez-Its, devour Air Heads, and wash it all down with some pretzels. Not enough? Turn to a bag of Goldfish. What’s better for battling hangry than the snack that literally smiles at you?

For You Or For Sharing

We wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to keep the entire Essential Hangry Kit for yourself. After all, the delicious snacks inside are enough to make anyone’s mouth water. But what could be more noble than sharing your snacks with a friend in need. Nothing friends, nothing is nobler than this.

Fortunately, this kit is perfect for eating alone or sharing. Everything inside comes individually wrapped so that Bob in the next office over can enjoy a piece without getting his hands in your snack. If you really don’t want to share, then hide it in a drawer. Or, turn it into a business and start selling “cures” for your co-workers’ case of the hangry monster. You’ll be making a profit in no time. Just be sure to save a cure for yourself after a long day of sales.

Healthy, Not-So-Healthy, And Everything In Between

No matter what kind of snacks you prefer, you’ll find them in the Essential Hangry Kit. With 40 of the most popular snacks on the market inside, there’s something for every mood. Healthy choices like Nature Valley granola bars and Planters peanuts sit side by side with scrumptious options like Chex Mix and Rice Krispy Treats. There’s candy too! Choose from Laffy Taffy, Air Heads, and fruit snacks.

For anyone getting bothered by the pesky hangry monster, this kit is a must-have. Who cares about a zombie apocalypse when the hangry apocalypse is much more pressing? Get prepared people. Buy Here


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