Everyday Carry Keychain Pocket Knives Have Built-In Bottle Opener

Keychain Pocket Knives

These everyday carry keychain pocket knives are incredibly useful. They are discreet. The everyday carry pocket knives also have built-in additional tools. These are gorgeous keychain pocket knives that both look cool and provide utility.

These discrete pocketknives are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. They are not TSA-approved, but there isn’t a pocket knife on the planet that is. This is the perfect keychain tool accessory for 2017. It makes the ideal gift for yourself, a friend, or family member. Buy It Now

Keychain Pocket Knives

Keychain Pocket Knives

You never know when you might need a handy little tool like a knife or bottle opener. Why not just throw one on your keychain? You’re carrying it every day, anyway! These pocket knives hook right on to your keychain and act as a knife, hex wrench, and bottle opener so it’s the perfect tool for a camping trip or to just pop open a beer on the porch.

The Details:

  • Lightweight & easy to carry
  • Hooks to keychain for easy everyday use
  • Functions as a knife, hex wrench, & bottle opener

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