‘Everything Is F*cked: A Book About Hope’ Tells You How To Be Happier

‘Everything Is F*cked’, doesn’t that phrase just sound full of hope and joy? Well, maybe it doesn’t but inside the pages of this book from Mark Manson, you’ll learn why everything always seems so- well, f*cked up even though we have more technology and education than ever before. It may not sound cheery, but use it right and you can fix your attitude towards all the messed up things this crazy world has.

Why Is Everything F*cked?

Mark Manson knows a thing or two about how the world works and how it makes the general population feel. In his first book, ‘The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck’ he explains why people seem so miserable in a time when technology, health, and a general well being is greater than ever.

After showing his credibility his second piece is here to tell us more about how our attitudes and lifestyles are bringing us down. Manson discusses the biggest and most controversial topics and how they’ve affected all of us. Things like religion and politics which rule over so many peoples lives have a tremendous impact on our mental health and well being. He also gives his insight on many philosophers theories such as Plato, Tom Waits, and Nietzsche.

This book is not only a very interesting and thought-provoking read, but it serves as a guide. Our outlook on relationships, money, work, entertainment, and our own hobbies can be hard on us. Manson outlines how people put too much stress on these objects and the importance we place here can be detrimental to our state of mind. He shares his thoughts on happiness, peace of mind, hope, and so many more important aspects of our lives and how we can find them.

Mark Manson knows about how hard this world can be. He also knows that among all the chaos there are still many ways to transform our mindsets and be happy. All this and much more is hiding in his newest release, ‘Everything Is F*cked: A Book About Hope’. Buy Here


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