Get Equipped With the Exclusive SOG Twitch II

A knife is an integral part of any EDC. Whether you need to slice an apple or cut a rope, your trusty blade is always there to help. You want a brand you know and trust and the highest level craftsmanship. SOG Knives provides just that. Every knife they make is made to the highest standard. 

The brand was inspired by a specialized recon knife used by a clandestine special ops unit of the US military—known as MACV-SOG—in 1964. Used in Vietnam’s jungles, the knife was made to withstand extreme emergency conditions. SOG knives are all made with that standard in mind. From hunting and fishing to backcountry expeditions, their knives can stand up to everything from everyday use to more extreme situations. The brand is one of the leading manufacturers of knives in the world and they continue to develop new survival and utility tools, adding to their growing list of patents yearly.

The perfect pocket companion

The Twitch II is an exclusive Huckberry x SOG collaboration, available only at Huckberry. The knife has a limited edition run with only 700 made. It’s stealthy, compact, and easy to use, and still has the same military-quality strength and durability SOG knives are known for. The Twitch II is designed to clip into your pocket without adding any bulk. It features SOG Assisted Technology that works through the balance of opposing high-tension coil spring for a quick opening system.

The blade measures 2.65”, which is the perfect size for daily use. It’s made of high-grade steel that has high stain resistance and edge retention. It’s a drop point blade and has a single sharpened edge that provides clean cuts. The knife features a safety locking mechanism built into its frame. The handle is made of anodized aluminum, which is resistant against corrosion, rust, and water stains. Lightweight at just 2.6 oz, the Twitch II is the perfect pocket companion to have by your side for any situation, whether it’s a hunting trip or an everyday life challenge. Buy Here

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