Explore Havana, Cuba And Its Historic Arts & Culture With This Unique Adventure

When many people think of Cuba, they automatically think of the Cold War, trade embargoes, and travel bans. Others however, may think of awesome cars, talented street performers, and a culture filled and inspired by the arts. Although travel to Cuba was not possible for Americans for over 50 years, you can now experience the wonderful culture of this country for yourself.

This experience takes you deep into the heart of Havana. You’ll be greeted and situated in your casa (a bed and breakfast) and enjoy a delicious Cuban meal after exploring the city for the day. The next two days, you will get to explore Old Havana. Your experienced tour guide, a master Cuban photographer, will show you the best spots. During those two days you’ll see dancers, musicians, and more. Photograph some very talented artists and get to know them during your journey.

Then, you’ll depart for Trinidad and the city of Cienfuegos (100 fires in Spanish). You’ll get to interact with even more artists and learn about the town from their perspective. Cap off your visit with a horseback ride to see some of the area’s natural beauty.

At the end of your trip, you’ll return for another night in Havana to once again soak in all of its rich culture. Just because you can’t dance doesn’t mean a few drinks and a few cigars can’t change your mind. Soon enough you’ll be dancing through the streets like a native. If you did that in America you’d be picked up by the cops, but in Cuba, you’re considered un amigo.  Buy Here – Get 10% Your IfOnly Order Using Code “THEDAILYWANT10”

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