Extreme 3.0 Titanium Credit Card Multitool Puts 50 Tools In The Palm Of Your Hand

When you’re practicing an everyday carry strategy, every tool counts. So, when you can get the power of 50 tools in a gadget the size of your palm, carrying it is a no brainer. That’s exactly what the Extreme 3.0 Titanium Credit Card Multitool offers.

The extremely successful Kickstarter project nearly tripled its original fundraising goal, showing just how popular the tool will be. With that in mind, you don’t want to miss out.

Work And Play

Extreme 3.0 is the perfect multitool for almost every situation. Whether you need a metric ruler or screwdriver at work or a fire starter and a bottle opener during a camping trip, this tool does it all.

With 50 unique features, Extreme 3.0 packs a tremendous amount of versatility into a package the size of a credit card. It’s flat, measures just 5.5cm x 8.5cm and is only 3mm thick.

Extreme 3.0 boasts 20 different wrenches, including both metric and inch-sized tools. It has seven styles of screwdrivers including flathead, Phillips, hex bit, and hexagon socket. Meanwhile, specialty tools like a wire bender, cord cutter, can opener, pry bar, box opener, inch ruler, and metric ruler are also housed within the card.

Clever Design

It’s obvious that Extreme 3.0 is well-designed. After all, it would be impossible to cram 50 tools into a sloppy package. Looking at this tool’s bare-bones skeleton is a joy while purposefully placed features make them easier to use in tight situations.

Extreme 3.0 comes in two different materials. The strongest of the pair is a titanium design that makes the tool perfect for heavy usage. There’s also a stainless-steel version that’s slightly cheaper and comes in both a black and patina finish.

Every man should carry a good multitool. This one is the perfect choice for a minimalist that doesn’t want to be weighed down with a bulky Swiss Army knife or a Gerber. Buy Here



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