EyeLine Golf Speed Trap Training Aid Forces You To Hit Solid Golf Shots

EyeLine Golf Speed Trap Training Aid

Golf is hard. So hard. Learning how to play golf, however, is also really hard. (Thought I was going to say it was easy, didn’t you?) With so much misinformation (and good information) about the golf swing out there on the Internet, it is hard to determine what path to take. Moreover, if your not willing to see a pro about your swing, it is hard to decipher which drills you should use to work on to make your game.  That’s why I’m posting about the Eyeline Golf Speed Trap training aid today. It removes complicated instruction from the equation while still helping you improve the consistency of your path and also your strike.

The Eyeline Golf Speed Trap uses the power of instant feedback to help you to focus on the path of the club rather than the ball. It does this by using its removable speed rods. When in place, the speed rods will force you to swing on plane by taking away your ability to make an “over-the-top” move. The speed rods can actually be set up so you can fix a slice or a hook.

This training aid isn’t just a one-trick pony that relies solely on the speed rods for success. The aid’s polycarbonate base also tells you instantly if you are scooping the ball or hitting it fat. You can swing on plane all day, but if you aren’t making crisp contact, it is all for not. You need to lay big divots, people. Big ball-first divots. Also added on the base are lines for pitching and chipping practice, because your short game is what is going to take you from the 80s to the 70s. Buy Here

EyeLine Golf Speed Trap Training Aid EyeLine Golf Speed Trap Training Aid EyeLine Golf Speed Trap Training Aid

See the Eyeline Golf Speed Trap in action below.

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