EZ ICE Will Turn Your Backyard Into An Ice Skating Rink

EZ Ice Skating Rink

EZ Ice will transform your backyard into an ice-skating rink in just 60 minutes. This all-inclusive kit will have you skating in no time. EZ Ice is a 20 x 40-foot ice skating rink kit that’s lightweight and expertly designed.

You can set the EZ Ice skating rink up on just about any surface. It’s easily assembled in the backyard and doesn’t require any wood, hammers, nails, or hassle. Gone are the days of having to spend hour flattening out land in the backyard. Then hammering nails and wood into place in order to build an ice skating rink in the backyard. With EZ Ice, it only takes 60 minutes to construct the 20′ x 40′ rink.

This is an ideal sized ice skating rink for younger kids. Sure, adults can skate on a 20′ x 40′ rink but it will require an inordinate amount of turns. This skating rink is great for birthday parties or holidays. It’s a great way to teach kids how to skate from the comfort of your backyard.

The kit consists of 24 ‘expertly engineered’ lightweight boards. There are 28 brackets. This is remarkably easy to put together and like I said before, it only takes 60 minutes to build it all.
With Winter knocking on our doorstep this is a perfect kit to buy now. Buy Now

EZ Ice Skating Rink

EZ Ice Skating Rink

The Details:

  • A full ice skating rink kiet that only takes 60 minutes to build
  • The 24 lightweight boards means no wood, nails, or trips to the store are required
  • This is the perfect way to teach your family how to ice skate

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