FA-13 Combat Bomber From Confederate Motorcycles Is One Bad MF’er

FA 13 Combat Bomber

I don’t own a motorcycle, but if I were to own one it would be the FA-13 Combat Bomber from Confederate Motorcycles. The moment I laid eyes on it, I knew that if the $155,000 prices tag, and the crippling fear I have of riding a motorcycle, weren’t obstacles, I would own this thing.

Interestingly enough, the FA-13 Combat Bomber is the last bike that will ever be manufactured under the Confederate brand. It is also the most powerful bike (150 hp v-twin) ever made by the company and it will likely never be topped because after the company changes its name to Curtiss Motorcycles it will only sell electric motorcycles. If you want to own this beauty, which will surely go down in history, head on over to Confederate’s shop. Buy: $155,000

FA 13 Combat Bomber FA 13 Combat Bomber FA 13 Combat Bomber


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