Fab Fours’ The Legend Is The Custom Jeep That Makes Jeeps Want A Jeep

You know that feeling you get when you see a bad ass Jeep drive by on the road? Yeah, the one where you want it more than anything. That’s what normal Jeeps feel when they see The Legend from Fab Fours. This custom, tricked-out Jeep looks like its ready to go to war with aliens, dinosaurs, or even a tank. Seriously, this thing is sweet.

Although Fab Fours is not known for their project vehicle builds, no one can argue that this one is incredible. They claim that “an amazing growth trajectory” has let them expand their offerings, we have to assume that some supernatural car makers have their hands on this project. Such a radical vehicle surely isn’t the brain child of mere mortals, right?

Nearly every part of this vehicle is custom made and custom fitted to make a perfectly assembled masterpiece. Okay, okay, you want the details. Here they are:

  • The Legend features a custom Ironman 4×4 fabricated suspension for tackling any terrain
  • It also features a 3.6L V-6 engine to power the beast
  • Oracle lights custom halo-projector headlights shine light on your path ahead
  • Red polarized window tint keeps you away from prying eyes when they envy-stare at your ride
  • Red carbon fiber inserts accent custom Katzkin’s Leather seats
  • 50 x 24-inch tires fit 24 x 12 American Force Hyper FP8 wheels for running over stuff
  • A Warn Zeon winch lets you pull stuff. All the stuff
  • Bold red and silver colors make up a powerful, original frame: Learn More

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