Feel Like James Bond In This 1966 Ferrari 275 GTS

Ferraris aren’t typically associated with convertibles. However, combinations of the two certainly exist. The Ferrari 275 GTS arrived in 1964 and has become iconic in the years since. This 1966 model features a classic look that belongs in the center of a James Bond movie.

Anyone behind the wheel of this car will feel like a regular 007. Of course, with only 200 examples built, it might be difficult to find yourself in the driver’s seat. Nothing says you can’t dream about it though.

Top Down

The Ferrari 275 GTS packs quite the punch under the hood. This car has a Colombo-type, 60-degree, V12 engine. That bad boy pumps out 7,000rpm and upwards of 260 horsepower. In terms of performance from a sportscar from the ‘60s, there isn’t much else you can ask for.

However, the chassis is what truly makes this car iconic. It follows Ferrari’s traditional of tying a multi-tubular frame together with oval main tubes. This was the first time the carmaker did so with a road-ready model though.

The 275 GTS boasts an independent rear suspension. This utilizes a double-wishbone and coil spring arrangement reminiscent of Ferrari’s 250LM sports-racer.

Of course, it’s impossible to miss the most striking feature of the car—its lack of a roof. Perhaps that’s what makes this Ferrari so iconic.

Interior Fit For A King

While the specs of this car are certainly impressive, the interior is just as noteworthy. The skinny wooden steering wheel of the era matches the interior detailing and dash panel.

Meanwhile, richly colored leather seats look just as good now as they did in 1966. Imagine sliding into them dressed a sharply fitting tux to make a daring escape. When looking at this Ferrari 275 GTS, that certainly isn’t hard to imagine. Learn More

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