A Ferrari For The… Lake? 1952 Arno XI

When you read the words Ferrari I’d imagine the first thing you picture are their many great road-going vehicles like the 488, LaFerrari, f40, and so on. However, they have a history of vehicles that are a little different. While this piece of their history is very minute, it is equally interesting. In the pursuit of speed, they ventured into the hydroplane world and created the Ferrari Arno in the early ’50s.

All The Ferrari Bits, Just In Something Different

A boat may seem unusual from the Italian supercar manufacturer, but it still has all the typical bits and pieces a proper Ferrari should have. First of all, this super-boat came purely out of a pursuit of great speed. In fact, the greatest speed. They built the Arno to break the World Record of highest speed on water. The powerplant of this great watercraft is incredible as well. It is a 4.5L V12 out of the Ferrari 375.

It produces 385 horsepower and a sound that belongs to be signed by a record label. The exterior of the Arno XI is a perfect blend of form and function. The slick design which is meant to slide through the water as easily as possible gives it a very smooth and beautiful shape. The part surrounding the cockpit on top is in the typical and lovable Ferrari red, while the bottom is composed of a deep wood that compliments the red color beautifully.

While boats are a bit different from the typical Ferrari road-going vehicles, it is still unmistakably on-brand. This stunning craft was made using some pieces of their best cars, and is made with performance and looks in mind. This gorgeous 1952 Arno XI is not only an incredibly special, but also a rare piece of automotive history. Learn More

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