Do You Punch Like A Wimp? Find Out With FightCamp

Every guy likes to think that, if faced with the situation of a fist fight, he would win easily. After all, those two stones attached to your arms are meant to knock someone out cold, right? Or maybe the only fight you’ve been in is a heated Twitter debate.

If you want to know whether you could stack up, we have the solution. FightCamp is the smart, in-home boxing gym that teaches you how to be a better fighter. It’s like Peleton but for boxing. If you ask us, that’s much more entertaining anyway.

Tracking The Blows

FightCamp is made by Hykso, a small tech company. Their “punch trackers” are a set of compact motion sensors that track your hands throughout your workout. They measure everything from the count, type, speed, and power behind your punches.

Each sensor sits atop your wrist covered by hand wraps and your actual boxing glove. When you’re done, they slide into a USB-power charging case. We would have loved to see some sort of clip or magnet to secure the trackers to your wrap, but can’t complain. The device works quite well.

Fitting of the exercise world as a whole, the tracking features of FightCamp are nothing less than on point. They are extremely accurate and provide almost real-time insight into your boxing routine. Since we all know that a workout doesn’t count if it wasn’t tracked, you’ll be happy to hear that FightCamp lets you log all of your workout data in the app.

More Than Boxing Gloves

What makes the FightCamp system really interesting, however, is the rest of the set-up. With your trackers, you can choose to add-on a punching dummy. This is designed to work seamlessly with your trackers for even better insight on your workout.

Meanwhile, you can place the entire thing in front of your TV to immerse yourself in the experience. Just like Peloton, you can pull up a training video on the big screen and pummel your bag along with your instructor.

You want everyone to know how fast someone can catch those hands. That’s why it’s pretty cool you can share your boxing data with friends. If only McGregor had this, maybe he could have scared Floyd away before the match.

Full Studio Experience

Anyone can hang a punching bag from the roof and call it a day. Anyone could put on a pair of boxing gloves and go beat up someone and call themselves a boxer. But to really train and get better, you need the whole experience.

This is where FightCamp beats the competition. Pun intended. By combining real-time punch tracking data, a guided workout session, and premium equipment, the system gives you an excellent training opportunity. If you aren’t in it to be a better boxer, you can still get a tremendous workout and see your progress overtime.


Workouts aren’t the same without a tracker. So quit wailing on that heavybag without getting points for it. With FightCamp, you can finally back up your claim of knocking out that one guy at the bar who stared at your girl for a little too long. Buy Here


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