Filson Dryden Nylon Briefcase: Great Looking Bag For Everyday Use

The Filson Dryden Nylon Briefcase is the perfect shoulder bag for the busy working man/woman who needs something that can stand up to everyday use. Like many of their other products, this is a sturdy product that not only looks good but is made to handle quite the beating. If you’re tired of bags falling apart and tearing open this one is for you. It’s the last bag you’ll ever need to buy.

As Versatile As It Gets

Upon looking at this nylon shoulder bag the first thing I noticed was the look. It’s got a great look but is not overstated or flashy. However, there are a lot of good looking bags, so this was nothing too special. Upon further inspection, the materials were noticed. This bag is made mostly of 1000D Nylon with leather straps and handles. This not only makes it water resistant but abrasion resistant as well. The clever design of this bag makes it 16″ long and 12″ tall while only weighing 2 lbs 3 oz. This is a good size keeping it from becoming too heavy or bulky.

Due to the design and placement of pockets and folds, they’ve been able to achieve a size of 14 L, so even in this bag you can pack tons of stuff. Not only can you pack it full, but you can pack it full safely. Because of the strong materials used this bag is able to consistently hold a lot of weight. So stuff it full of big laptops, chargers, coats, and anything else. It’s meant to take it.

Whether you’re a student or just work a busy job, your bag can take a lot of use and abuse. Instead of having to get a new bag after every year because your old one tears at every seem, go with the Filson Dryden Nylon Briefcase and never buy another bag again. Buy Here

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