This Firearm Cabinet Table Hides Your Protection in Plain Sight

You can’t have a spy movie without action, cars, and of course, all the cool gadgets. Secret agents are all about weapons posing as innocuous everyday things. It can be a poisonous pen, a watch with a bomb, or even a rocket-firing cigarette. In tandem with that, spies are always hiding their weapons in inconspicuous places. You’ve got the good old secret armory activated by a dummy book or piano key. There’s also the classic hidden shelf of weapons behind a painting. And of course, furniture can also double as your secret trove. 

This can be true for us regular folk too. TheSecretTable crafts handmade tables with secret compartments for guns and valuables. They are made to order from Los Angeles and come in three finishes and two lock styles. They are disguised as regular tables and are available in counter, coffee, and dining heights. The multifunctional furniture is perfect for those who want to feel secure in their homes, but keep all of it safe and locked away.

Keep everything locked away incognito

The dining secret table is a great addition to your dining space. That’s especially true if you’re expecting less than savory company for dinner or it’s the place you run to when Michael Myers comes knocking. The table is made of quality material, with American Walnut, Cherry, and Oak finishes as options. It really wouldn’t look too out of place in any dining space. 

It weighs 145 lbs and the exterior measures 55.5” L x 33.5” W x 31” H. The interior is 42” L x 29” W x 3.25” D and the included blank piece of foam can be customized to fit whatever you’re stashing. The table seats six with standard size chairs. There are two lock styles: standard keyed deadbolt or Kevo bluetooth lock, which is $299 extra. Whichever style you choose, the lock will be in a hidden panel. Tables start at $1,799 and cost $300 to ship or free to pick up. Buy Here

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