Be in Two Worlds at Once With Firefly Wireless Earbuds

Always be aware of your surroundings. That’s one of those important lessons you take away from your parents. Nowadays, everyone is in their own world, eyes on their phone and ears plugged in, not paying attention to traffic or walking into people. If you can’t be without your podcasts or commute jams, but you tend to find yourself almost getting sideswiped by a bike (since you didn’t hear “on your left!”), you need the Firefly wireless earbuds from Jabees.

Be in two worlds at once with these earbuds featuring premium Graphene sound. Using Graphene vs steel in the nanomembrane improves the sound quality and enhances treble. The ambient sound feature filters in external noise so you know what’s going on around you. Safely run, bike or commute without sacrificing your sweet jams. Firefly is IPX5 waterproof, so it can withstand the pressure of a gushing nozzle for at least 3 minutes. Safe to say you’ll be ok in a downpour!

Firefly charges in a sleek case with 16 hours of playtime per charge. The fast charging case gives you up to 2 hours of music in 10 minutes, so you won’t need to panic when forget to plug in. All you need is at least 10 minutes! Bluetooth 5.0 connection means you’ll always be connected. Access Siri or Google Assistant with the touch of a button. You can also make calls and talk through both earbuds.

Not sold on true wireless earbuds or think they’ll get lost easily? The Firefly has been tested with over 100 different ear shapes and sizes, giving you the best fit for all-day comfort. The ear tips will fit perfectly in your ears even during the most rigorous activities. If you do happen to lose one of the buds, Jabees sells individual ones too! Buy Here


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