Snap Pro Photos With The Fish Eye Lens Kit For iPhone And Android

fish eye lens kit

With the Fish Eye Lens Kit for iPhone and Android, you can start snapping professional quality photos today. This fish eye lens kit is built to work with any smartphone, and it’s affordable. The KOBRA Universal Lens Kit will only set you back $8 today. That’s an incredibly fair price given how expensive camera lenses are these days.

Get a little more creative with your smartphone photography with this super portable 2-in-1 lens kit that attaches easily to iPhone or Android phones. Constructed of sturdy aluminum, this kit includes a fish-eye, wide-angle, and a super-macro lens, adding the kind of versatility to your phone’s camera that you’ll appreciate when you’re feeling extra creative. Buy Here

fish eye lens kit

The Details:

  • Carry w/ you anywhere & attach w/ a simple clip
  • Fish-eye lens provides an angle of view up to 180º
  • Wide-angle lens magnifies up to 0.67X
  • Super-macro lens gives super macro magnification

Buy Here

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