Long Sleeve Fishing Shirt Has Built-In Ruler To Measure The Fish You Catch

fishing shirt with ruler

This is the only fishing shirt on the market with a built-in ruler to measure the fish you catch. Does that make this the best fishing shirt around? Maybe. Buy It Now

The fishing industry has become completely saturated by clothing manufacturers over the past few years. This shirt found a way to get ahead of the pack by incorporating a useful ruler.

What’s so useful about a ruler when fishing? Duh. Nearly every fish on the planet has some sort of fishing regulations placed on it. The most prized gamefish around all have size limits. Snook and redfish often have to fall within a minimum and maximum size. Carrying a ruler while fishing can be cumbersome, and that’s why a fishing shirt with a built-in ruler on the sleeve is so ingenious.

fishing shirt with ruler

At the end of the day, almost every fishing shirt manufacturer is putting out a quality product. Some offer mosquito-repellant. Others focus on comfort and moisture wicking technology. This shirt provides all of the utility you look for in a fishing shirt and then some (the ruler).

The ruler shirt is made and sold by Ann Arbor T-shirt Co. in Michigan, and they are manufactured in Pineville, North Carolina. They are printed using QCM screen printing inks which are highly durable and resistant to cracking. The fishing ruler on the sleeve measures 16″ in length, which covers most freshwater and saltwater species minimums.

This fishing shirt is the perfect gift for any fishermen. It is both comfortable, stylish, and functional. Buy It Now

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