Adventure Awaits With This Five Person Exploration Submarine Trip

The ocean. An untapped, only partially explored, wonderland. You and your four closest friends can now submarine away to explore the great unknown. Yes, in your very own sub.

The submarine itself can be submerged up to 656 feet. This allows for exploration of reefs filled with vibrant sea life, shipwrecks full of treasure, and who knows what else you will find in the world’s vast waters. The sub keeps all explorers safe and comfortable in a climate-controlled capsule. It’s made from three and a quarter inch thick acrylic pressure spheres that allow for conversion.

Even though this submarine is made for people looking to explore on their own time, it does meet all regulatory guidelines. The submarine comes with two independently operating life support systems.

They provide data regarding the depth of the submarine, the internal pressure of the capsule, temperature (for climate control), battery status, thruster status, and trim tank status. You will never have to worry about being blindsided.

The Specs

This five-person sub has fore, aft, and directional control thanks to two horizontal thrusters. Meanwhile, two vertical thrusters allow for optimal up and down control. The max submersed speed of the submarine is two and a half knots but it can cruise at four knots at the surface. It features a 130- and 24-volt battery gives it up to eight continuous hours of dive time.

As for surface stability, the pontoon inspired structure makes it a nice and easy ride above the waves. The submarine allows for both above sea and undersea communications via VHF radio and underwater telephone. Comprehensive training is included.

Submarine Of Your Dreams

This is the perfect submarine for the novice ocean adventurer. It isn’t something you want to miss out on. So, round up your best explorer buddies and invest in a lifetime of exploration in the next great frontier. Buy here

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