Fizzics Beer Dispenser Turns Bottled And Canned Beer Into Draft Beer

If you’re a fan of ABC’s Shark Tank, you may recognize the Fizzics Waytap Beer Dispenser. After all, it did receive a $2 million investment from its pitch on the show.

So what is Fizzics? Well, it is a beer dispenser that is engineered using fluid and gas technology (patent-pending) to enhance the flavor and taste of bottled and canned beer. Basically, the beer dispenser uses that technology to turn bottled or canned beer into draft beer. And it works with all styles of beer too, from cheap domestic light beers to much more sophisticated beers like ipa’s, pilsners, brown ales, stouts, porters, lagers, etc. It is draft beer made easy. 

We all dream of having our very own kegorator in our house, but sometimes that dream isn’t realistic. The ultra-portable Fizzics changes all that. And it does so at a fraction of the cost and hassle of owning a kegorator. For starters, Fizzics fits easily on any counter top and you can store it in a closet when you’re not using it. On top of that, it only weighs three pounds, it runs on four standard AA batteries and it’s compatible with 12-25-oz cans and 12-oz bottles. In fact, there’s no good reason why every beer enthusiast doesn’t own one!

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See Fizzics in action here:

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