Flint And Tinder 365 Are The Perfect Pants For The Perfect Man

What is worse than trying to find the perfect pair of pants. They’re either not long enough, too long, too tight, or fall right off your waist. Oh, and if they do fit chances are they aren’t going to be comfortable. For some reason they make all the comfy pants in strange sizes. Pants though. They’re a necessary evil. They are a fight in the dressing room and it’s a righteous crusade to find the perfect pair. Until now.

Trying to find a good pair of pants that fit can be the hardest part of the male wardrobe. Don’t tell your girlfriend/wife but it may be even harder than the bra shopping she is always complaining about. They have big and tall stores but no tall and slim and if you’re short and slim watch out because you’re going to need a belt. It is like the clothing designers think men grow up and out in a direct relationship. Although let’s at least be thankful that our pant sizes have two numbers to go by unlike women’s.

The fabric is either too stretchy it doesn’t hold its shape or so rough it is pulling your leg hair off. If you find the right fabric then the color sucks or you are going to have to sell a kidney to afford them. There is yet to be balance between style, comfort, and fit.

Huckberry has heard our complaints and decided to do something about it with their Flint and Tinder 365 pant collection. The pants come in two cuts, straight and slim, and if we are being honest there is no need for anything else. Wide leg pants aren’t doing anyone any favors. They also have a variety of colors such as olive, slate, earth and a few others. Huckberry describes their pants as the perfect combination of chinos and performance pants. They have recently added new inseam sizes to help every man find the perfect match.

If you still aren’t sold (which honestly you should be because a pair of nice pants can go a long way but whatever) each pair of pants are cut, sewn, and dyed right here in the United States of America. Along with keeping American’s employed they are donating $5 of each purchase to the wildfire relief in California. If you are not reading this close to the end of November 2018, we hope that you have no idea what we mean. California needs a break.

Whoever you are and whenever you are reading this, we hope you give yourself, or the man in your life, the chance to look as dashing as he could be in these pants. Huckberry says “so comfortable you’ll want to wear them every damn day of the year”. Maybe that is why they are called 365. So, don’t wait. Step up your game and see just how great you can feel in a pair of nice pants. We think you will be surprised. Buy Here

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