Flint and Tinder Flight Jacket: Comfort and Style No Matter The Weather

As the leaves slowly start to lose their green, and the smell of pumpkin spice starts to become more and more prominent each day, you know it can only mean one thing. Fall is approaching. And with that comes jacket weather. Busting out your favorite long-sleeved, stylish jackets, coats, and sweatshirts is fun, but why only break them out for small parts of the year? Flint and Tinder have a Flight Jacket that receives optimal airflow and cooling, so you can rock your favorite outerwear any season, any day, and any temperature.

Flight Jacket With Air Force Influence

The minds at Flint and Tinder wanted to make a great looking, and even better fitting jacket. Of course, with a jacket like that you’d probably want to wear it around as much as you can, not just in that specific set up temperatures you deem ‘sweater weather’. They did this by taking some design cues from the suits pilots in the Air Force wear; which is quite fitting considering this is their ‘Flight Jacket’.

They did this by making it very breathable, so air can move in and out easily. This way you can toss it on rain or shine, cloudy or clear, sunny or snowy. Not only is it extremely versatile in the conditions you could toss it on in, but also in the style. A jacket that works this great wouldn’t be any good if it didn’t look the part, right? And this jacket can look just about any part. Because of the classic yet simple and neutral design, you can dress this jacket up or down as you please. Hitting the movies with a couple of friends? Throw on some jeans, a t-shirt, and this jacket.

Oh, what’s that? You’ve got a date night? No worries, just tuck your favorite button-up into a nice pair of slacks, and this jacket will rest on top very nicely. This is the jacket to end all other jackets.

The Flint and Tinder Flight Jacket is a great piece, born from tasteful styling and a comfortable and cool fit. You don’t believe me? Well then believe Chuck Yeager, Ryan Gosling, and Steve McQueen. Hell, even believe Neal Armstrong, after all, each of them has been seen rocking one of these. Pack away your box full of ‘fall jackets’, get this one, and make getting dressed each morning that much simpler. Buy Here

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