Fliteboard Is All The Fun Of Surfing Without The Need For Waves

Unless you live in a great place for surfing, you probably won’t get to enjoy your favorite pastime every day. Even if you do live in an ideal surfing location, the wave conditions aren’t always right for surfing. What if you didn’t need waves? The same exhilarating feeling of flying across the waves, only you don’t need the waves to push you along. Magic? Nope. It’s the Fliteboard.

Fliteboard is an e-foil that is noise free, emission free, and wake free. You won’t make a splash or disturb the environment as you zip along the water at 40km/hr. A single charge gives you up to an hour of riding, so you can explore any body of water like never before. As long as the water is 1m deep, you can escape the crowds and feel the thrill.

Carbon fiber, aircraft grade aluminum, and a unibody powered hydrofoil fuselage make the Fliteboard a hydrodynamic powerhouse while giving it a sleek profile. Your board is built for performance and built to last. You’ll fly effortlessly over the water, steering with body weight just like a surfboard.

The included Flite Control handheld remote shows you your GPS speed, remaining battery power, and time so you always know what’s ahead. Fliteboard is also highly customizable for your needs and wants, with over 56 unique combinations. Whether you’re a hardcore watersport athlete or are looking for a hip new hobby, the Fliteboard is an awesome new toy. Learn More




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