Discover The Hidden World Of Florence With This Insider Tour

There’s nothing better than being fully immersed when you’re traveling. The sights, sounds, smells, and culture of the country you’re visiting allow you to see what life there is really like. This guided trip to Florence, Italy lets you do just that. You’ll discover hidden gems around the city and learn about Florence in ways you’ve only imagined.

One of the coolest parts about this trip is your tour guide. Count Vittorio Carioni will be your host for five nights and transport you into the hidden world of Florence. He is a man of exquisite taste and an Italian nobleman with family lines dating back to the 15th century. Count Carioni is highly connected to society and holds the key to the city. By nature, you’ll be just as connected through the duration of your trip.

While in Florence, you’ll get to experience the city in many ways. Your trip includes food and wine as well as transportation. You’ll eat at some of the very best restaurants the city has to offer. Carioni will take you to private palaces, magnificent gardens, and splendorous galleries and museums that are closed to the general public. You’ll also get to indulge in some luxury shopping (including Dolce and Gabbana) at some of Italy’s most beloved boutiques.

With insider access through Count Carioni, you’ll be experiencing Florence like never before. This is a once in a lifetime adventure for you and up to five other friends. Buy Here



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