Flow Hive Lets You Enjoy Fresh Honey On Tap

All your favorite things come on tap, right? Beer, water, beer, etc. You get it. So, it only makes sense that your favorite golden liquid comes on tap too. No, not beer, the other one. Honey! Such a sweet treat is great for everyone. Whether you use it as a cure for a sore throat (if you haven’t before, try it next time) or to sweeten your food, honey is a very versatile food. Unfortunately, most of the honey you see at the store is synthetic or made from sugar syrups, not bees.

Fresh honey is unarguably better. So, staring a small beekeeping operation is a great way to get your fill of fresh honey. However, that used to be hard. Now though, you can get started with everything you need to keep bees and have fresh honey thanks to Flow Hive.

The secret is in the Flow Hive’s design. Plastic panels slide into the cedar wood box and serve as a template for the bees. They then build their honeycombs on those panels. When they are filed with honey, you insert your honey tap and fresh honey flows down the panels into your jar. Easy as that. Other than taking care of the bees and keeping things clean and temperature-safe, there’s nothing else involved. No smoking bees out, no beekeeper suits needed, no hassle. Just fresh honey. Oh, and the whole kit is BPA and toxin free so your bees will be healthy and happy. Which means more honey for you! Buy Here

flow hive

flow hive

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