FoldiMate: A Washer and Dryers New Best Friend

FoldiMate. If you’ve ever seen a movie or show set in the future, where everyone has machines and robots that take care of the boring and tedious tasks for them, this would fit right in. It’s one of those ideas you’d hear from a friend, like ‘how great would it be if a machine could just *blank* for us?!’. It’s like all those great ideas that don’t seem quite possible, but this one is possible. And it’s real. This machine can fold your laundry for you. Pair it with your washer and dryer and you’ll hardly ever have to touch your clothes again.

The FoldiMate Is A Glimpse Into The Future

With this futuristic machine, all you have to do is put your towels, clothes, or blankets up to the clip-on top…and that’s it. It takes it from there, pulls it in and folds it up for you. Afterward, it even arranges everything in a neat and organized stack on the bottom. This takes away (arguably) the worst part of laundry. Now after your other two machines clean and dry your clothes you just toss them to another one to robotically fold them up. This machine is not only great in a practical sense, but in an imaginative sense.

This promotes the idea of pushing our technology and creativity to the point where the boring and mundane tasks of life become easier and easier. Washers, dryers, dishwashers, microwaves, ovens, and refrigerators have all been around for a long time. But it’s been a while since a new appliance has come out to make our life easier. Hopefully, this can lead the charge of a new wave of home appliances to give us all back our free time.

The FoldiMate is not just a good product, but something that could very easily find it’s way into nearly every home in America. Appliances to help with the practical tasks we all face are something we modern-folk can never get enough of. Buy Here



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