Food Wrap: Smarter, Safer, Reusable Wrap

There’s no denying that humans are wasteful creatures. Wasting money, wasting time, even wasting the environment. Plastics like saran wrap account for a large amount of waste in kitchens across the world. The average US household spends $90 a year on saran wrap, and all of it goes straight to waste after just one use. Food Wrap has created a more fun, efficient, and safer way to keep things under wrap. With their reusable wrap, the money and material wasted will be cut down to almost zero.

Kiss Single Use Plastic Goodbye

Food Wrap’s coverings are totally different from any other plastic wraps on the market. You can maybe get a small handful of uses out of normal wrap as long as the food doesn’t leave to much residue behind, but with Food Wrap even that won’t stop it. Their material is completely dishwasher safe. This means any amount of sauce or grease can be cleaned right off just like a dinner plate. The Food Wrap can do much more than just cover your leftovers too. The material it’s made with holds up to extreme temperatures. It can resist heat up to 445 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning it can also be used in place of tin foil or baking paper.

While putting some sort of wrap like this over cooking food may worry some of you, it is perfectly safe. It is made of BPA free silicon that’s FDA approved. This means no dangerous toxins or chemicals to seep onto your foods. Microwave it, put it in the oven, freeze it, even pour water over it. The Food Wrap will remain totally unscathed and unafflicted.

Food Wrap is here to cut back on the amount of money and plastic we waste through covering and concealing food in the kitchen. This dishwasher, oven, microwave, and freezer safe material can replace almost any cover or wrap you could possibly imagine. Learn More


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