Forsake Range High: Bringing a New Sense of Style to the Trails

In many physical activities, there is a very specific type of footwear to be worn. With sports like baseball, soccer, or basketball, they each have a very specially crafted sneaker or cleat. For outdoorsy things like running, climbing, or biking, the footwear is very precisely made as well. In the hiking world, this specific shoe is the boot. Boots aren’t the most exciting type of shoe, and they definitely aren’t very good looking, but they have a tough job to do and they do it well. While this sentence may be true about 99% of hiking boots out there, the Forsake Range High is that special 1%. Not only does it perform, but it looks ten times better than anything else.

Sneaker/Boot Hybrid Design

The first thing to note about the Range High is the shape. It’s a large high top shoe, but it doesn’t quite look like a full-on hiking boot. I like to think of it as the SUV of the shoe world. An SUV is much more sporty and fun than a full-sized van, but safer and more practical than a little car. Likewise, this shoe is better looking and more maneuverable than most boots, while still offering more support and protection than the typical gym shoe or sneaker. Not only does this make it look much, much better, but it’s actually better performing.

It still has the typical must-have features, like a waterproof design, protective high top design, grippy sole, and much more. However, since it’s been slightly slimmed down it’s a lot more athletic. For long hikes spanning miles through a desert or over a mountain, why add unnecessary bulk and weight to your feet? The Forsake boot is stripped of all this excessive size to make it much easier for long days of hiking, climbing, or even running.

The Forsake Range High hiking shoe is a unique hybrid of a full-sized boot and the typical tennis shoe. Not only does this give it a wider array of performance and usage, but it’s much easier on the eyes too. Whether you need a new pair of boots or not, I’d bet you want another pair now. Buy Here


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