Fort Bragg Railbike Tours Take You on a Unique Adventure To the Redwoods

With COVID squashing social plans for who knows how long, many of us are looking to Mother Nature for some well-deserved r&r. Vacationing in big cities may be down, but national parks have had record numbers of visitors. There’s a lot to see of the great outdoors, one of them being the giant redwoods of Northern California. These towering trees, also known for being the largest in the world, can be enjoyed up close and personal. A good ol’ hike to the ancient redwoods is great, but there’s a more unique way to experience it all. The Skunk Train is offering railbike tours departing from Fort Bragg. While hiking is a workout and experience in itself, embarking on this adventure on a railbike takes it to another level. 

A different way to explore nature

The Skunk Train was a critical part of the Union Lumber Company in Fort Bragg, California in the 1800’s. Then, they transported families and workers of the lumber company. Today, the train brings nature lovers to experience the awe-inspiring Redwood Route. The famous train line takes you on a journey where you will not only see the ancient redwoods, but also a variety of wildlife. The railbikes are two-person operated and are powered by pedaling and electricity. It’s recommended that all riders be capable of bicycling for 30 minutes at low exertion.

A guide will lead the group on the trip, which runs about 90 minutes. You start off from Fort Bragg and will travel along the Pudding Creek Estuary as well as stop at Glen Blair Junction. Along the Pudding Creek Estuary, you may see wildlife in their natural habitat, like osprey, blue herons, or river otters. The 50-minute layover at Glen Blair Junction allows you time to catch your breath and relax. You can also enjoy a hike along the trail into the redwoods or go on a picnic. After the stopover, the group will bike back to Fort Bragg. This trip to the heart of the ancient redwoods of Mendocino County is a once of a lifetime experience you don’t want to miss! It’s $250 per bike, with room for two riders. Buy Here

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