Foster and Rye Army Man Bottle Holder: Here to Protect and Serve Your Parties

I’d like to start by asking you a question, where do you store your wine? Is it on the top shelf inside your pantry? Is it sitting on the fridge in your garage? Or maybe you keep it in a cabinet in your kitchen? Well, whatever the case may be, I’d bet your wine storage isn’t as fun, unique, and patriotic as this one. The Foster and Rye Army Man Bottle Holder is the most American way to display your favorite bottle of Rosé.

Patriotism and Party-otism Come Together As One

Unless your still a college student who’d drink just about anything with alcohol in it for a little buzz, your taste in alcohol has probably matured. This means your house parties and friendly gatherings are accompanied by glasses of wine instead of solo cups of beer. Being able to neatly display your wine provides your home with a sophisticated, yet fun atmosphere. However, this can be tricky. Unless you’re a collector (or alcoholic) a full wine rack is probably too much. But then again, most other smaller wine cases and holders can look like they’re trying a bit too hard; maybe even a little pretentious.

There is nothing pretentious about this bottle bearing soldier. Coming in at 11 by 10.2 by 7.8 inches, it’s the perfect size to be the centerpiece of your kitchen table, or island. With a weight of just over 3 lbs., this holder is stable and secure, but not too clunky. This polyresin platoon-man covered in green is ready for battle. So holding your wine should be a piece of cake.

If you love your country, want to show your support of the troops, and want to show off your wine in a fun way that none of your friends will have seen before, then this is for you. As they have said themselves, the Foster and Rye Army Man Bottle Holder is ‘thirst in command’. Buy Here


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