Mushroom Coffee Is the Superfood Drink You Gotta Try

The key to surviving mornings? For many of us, coffee. When we need that boost of energy, we reach for that tried and true cup of Joe. Maybe pair it with some hazelnut creamer or almond milk. Four Sigmatic has something different in mind: mushrooms. The Mushroom Coffee Mix is formulated with organic arabica coffee and two superfood mushrooms. The coffee is cultivated in the volcanic soil of the Sierra Madre de Chiapas highlands in Mexico. The beans are carefully roasted and brewed, and then the coffee is concentrated and spray-dried into a pure instant powder. A third-party lab runs each batch and tests them against pesticides, mycotoxins and more.

Kickstart your morning and power through the workday with the help of mushrooms! The coffee mix uses Cordyceps mushrooms, which boost energy and athletic performance. Cordyceps only have half the amount of caffeine than regular coffee and are balanced stimulants, so you won’t have those caffeine jitters. This mix also features Chaga mushrooms, which can help support immune functions. Mushrooms have long been considered a superfood with many health benefits, so it’s the ultimate power up! Your favorite video game plumber can attest to that! Each box of Mushroom Coffee Mix comes with 10 instant packets, ready to give you that much needed boost. Buy Here

four sigmatic mushroom coffee mix

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