G-Shock Military GA-110 Watch: The Perfect Combination of Sleek and Tough

The G-Shock Military GA-110 Watch by Casio lives up to its militaristic name with a diverse set of features built into a tough—and sleek—outer shell.

Sure, you can always just use your smartphone to tell the time, but does it make you look like a super tactical James Bond man? No, no it does not….

This installment in the GA-110 series includes additional metal elements that blend well with the stealth-black color scheme.

Master time with a variety of features like World Time, 29 time zones, an hourly time signal, and multiple alarms.

Nothing says military precision like a stopwatch tuned to 1/1000 of a second—and don’t forget the watch’s countdown timer, great for defusing a ticking time bomb—or, you know, just tracking your 30-minute jog.

This GA-110 comes with a full auto-calendar calibrated all the way until the year 2099 and is accurate up to +/- 15 seconds every month.

And in case you’re deep diving in the ocean to enter an underwater enemy base—or just snorkeling with friends—the watch is water resistant up to 200 meters.

Casio’s G-Shock Military GA-110 is the coolest way to tell time in an era of panzy smartphones. Buy Here

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