G Technology Hard Drive: The Brawns For All Your Brains

With a world that is getting more reliant on technology every second, storing your works, photos, music, and everything else has become quite an important task. Thanks to G Technology there is now an external hard drive that is damn near invisible with more than enough space to hold anything you could possibly want. So instead of saving to different flash drives and trying to organize them and keep things straight, put your trust (and your storage) in the G Tech 1 TB External Hard Drive.

Water Proof… Crash Proof… Life Proof!

There are plenty of pieces of tech or storage that are becoming scratch and water-resistant. Which is good, but sometimes bumps, scratches, and drops of water aren’t the only things happening. Sometimes things get more hectic, and you don’t want that to result in losing gigabytes upon gigabytes of important storage. Not only does this hard drive have an entire terabyte of space, but it’s also strong enough to endure going through Hell and back. It is rain and shock-resistant, but also dust resistant.

This may not seem like a huge deal but anyone whos brought a camera, phone, or any other tech gear around a beach knows that small grains of dust or sand can be killers. This hard drive also has a crush rating of 1,000 lbs, so running it over with a car wouldn’t even do the trick. All this and it’s compatible with both MAC and Windows and works through USB-C, USB-3.0 and Thunderbolt 3.

Our computers hold many things. While the space might seem neverending, I can promise you it isn’t. One day you will have too many albums of music, folders of pictures, and Microsoft documents saved for your one computer to hold. Instead of forcing yourself to delete things you may need or run into issues with broken tech resulting in lost files, put your information on the G Technology 1 TB External Hard Drive. Buy Here



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