This G500 Custom Pickup Is a Rugged Beast

The G-Wagon is one of the most popular vehicles for the rich and famous. The Mercedes-Benz Geländewagen, which translates to “cross-country vehicle,” was conceptualized in the early ‘70s as a rugged and capable all-wheel-drive vehicle for everything from the battlefield to the alps.

Today, it’s all that and a bag of chips. Thanks to clever marketing, luxury pricing, and limited production, the G-Wagon is now a huge status symbol. It’s boxy styling also sets it apart and anyone can immediately tell when it’s a G-Wagon down the road.

History of the G-Wagon

The G-Wagon has a long history dating back from its conceptualization in the early ‘70s. In 1973, the G-Class was divided into two separate model lines: military and non-military. Both lines however shared the all-wheel-drive system, a narrow width, and its well-known menacing and blocky appearance.

The first G-Wagons were produced by hand in Graz, Austria in 1979. They were available as two-door convertibles and two- and four-door wagons.

In 1980, the Vatican requested a special version of the four-door G-Wagon 230G to be topped with a clear plastic chamber. This is said to be the first Popemobile, where the Pope stood, greeted, and blessed the public within the box.

By 1993, the SUV is making its way to the States as the American market is too profitable to miss out on. The 2000-2010s is when we see the G-Wagon really start making waves, further cementing itself into the luxury market.

A pickup like no other

If a G-Wagon itself isn’t cool enough for you, then a custom will definitely tickle your fancy. This 2002 G500 Custom Pickup is truly one of a kind and will bring your adventuring to the next level. It received a professional, one-off conversion from a G-Wagon to a four-door pickup.

It was handcrafted by G-Mercedes LLC in Southern Utah and after hundreds of man-hours, the G-Wagon became a whole new beast. The pickup was completed using all Mercedes-Benz OEM parts with a chassis lengthened by 32”.

The interior still has the stock feel with factory sunroof and wood veneer dash. Four gray leather bucket seats include heaters and the rear seats can fold forward when you need extra cargo room. The pickup is lifted 2” and sits on 16” Hutchinson Beadlock alloy wheels with Toyo M/T off-road tires. The truck is topped off with a full-width custom roof rack to hold all your gear, from bikes to tents.

The rear cargo area features a side-opening tailgate with a spare-wheel carrier. The pickup has a full-width rear window for excellent rear visibility as well. This oversized and rugged pickup will provide the utility, luxury, and convenience expected from a G-Wagon and the stand-out attention that comes with a custom. Buy Here