Galaxy Crystal Ball Puts The Universe In The Palm Of Your Hand

If you’re Thanos, please go ahead and leave now. For everyone else, holding the galaxy in the palm of your hand probably doesn’t make you want to destroy it. In that case, you’ll love this cool little trinket. Or maybe it isn’t a trinket at all? Maybe this is more like Men in Black and this is actually a real galaxy. Who knows. Be careful with it just in case.

The sphere of this item is optically clear crystal. This makes an awesome illusion that a galaxy is floating inside without any type of support. It harnesses the power of laser engraving inside to bring the galaxy to life. Depending on the angle you look at it, the galaxy will look different, just like our own Milky Way. This isn’t a cheesy hologram or trick, it is truly a piece of art.

You can choose either a 2.3 inch sphere or a 3 inch one depending on what you prefer. Either way, you’ll get a clear stand to hold the sphere. It looks great on your desk, on a mantle, or in the man cave. This item is also a unique conversation starter. For example, when your cat can’t stop looking at it, you can simply explain that it is watching over a galaxy of alien life. It also ships in a high-class gift box, so feel free to keep it yourself or give it to a space-loving buddy. Buy Here

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