Never Get Lost Off-The-Grid With The Garmin Overlander

If we’re being honest, not many people actually have a GPS these days. We all use our phone to get around, whether it’s in the car or on foot. However, smartphone GPS systems are typically limited when it comes to going off the grid.

For those that like getting lost off the beaten path without actually getting lost, the Garmin Overlander is a must-have. This GPS system is loaded with topographic maps, OHV routes, 4×4 trails, and public land boundaries. It’s the ideal gadget for anyone that likes living life away from the asphalt.


Garmin Overlander isn’t your average GPS. While some struggle to find the nearest Taco Bell, this one knows where just about everything is. From hidden 4×4 trails to off-road points of interest, the system accurately guides users to the precise location.

While in use on a route, it even provides details like specific pitch and roll measurements so you can prepare for the road ahead. It also has the functionality of recording your track so that you can create custom routes in your secret locations. Not that Overlander probably doesn’t already know about them.

Built For Survival

Typically, technology doesn’t fare well in the outdoors. That’s why Garmin built the Overlander with rugged survival in mind. However, you wouldn’t know that by looking at the sharp, 7-inch touch screen. Overlander provides all of the performance you’d expect from a cutting-edge device but is also built to last.

It comes with a powered magnetic mount on the back that’s compatible with any RAM adapter as well as a suction cup for hands-free viewing.

Out of the box, Overlander comes pre-loaded with maps of North and South America so that you can start adventuring right away. Whether you’re a 4×4 junkie, an avid hiker, or like accessing remote camping spots in your Jeep, the Garmin Overlander is a must-have for navigating those tricky trails. Buy Here


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