Gateway Bronco Coyote: Vintage Style and Modern Functionality

The Gateway Bronco Coyote is the perfect mix of classic car style and modern technology and function. This SUV is the ultimate, no compromise vehicle with unique and old school charm while still having everything we love about modern automobiles.

Specs of This Classic/Modern Mashup

If Bronco Coyote doesn’t mean anything to you, just know these go together better than peanut butter and jelly. Let’s start with the peanut bu… I mean Bronco. The Bronco comes from the 1973 Ford Bronco. From the outside that’s exactly what this vehicle appears to be. This car is a completely restored Bronco frame, one of Fords greatest hits of the ’70s. This frame is sitting on top of something equally amazing and surprising. No, it’s not jelly, it’s a Coyote. Ford fans will recognize Coyote as another one of the manufacturers biggest names. The Coyote is a 5.0 liter V8 that powers much more modern Fords. Since 2011 this Coyote motor has powered the Mustang GT, a name I’m certain you all recognize. With a classic and retro body sitting neatly on top of a roaring V8 beast, this vehicle ticks all the right boxes.

If it has the heart of a Mustang GT, does that mean it’s going to be far too aggressive and powerful to cruise around and enjoy on normal roads? Surprisingly, no. While this 5.0 produces gobs of horsepower and torque, it does it through a 4-speed automatic transmission in this Bronco. This makes cruising and enjoying the motor at more reasonable speeds much more simple. It’s still got more than enough power to throw you back in your seat when you put your foot down, but it isn’t going to scare you to the point of leaving brown stains on the nice seats.

With the style of the greatest era in automotive design, and an advanced motor with modern power, efficiency, and reliability this Gateway Bronco Coyote has it all. All the charm, all the power, all the everything. Buy Here


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