The Geizeer Is an Eco-Friendly Way to Cool Down

Our personal space is becoming more and more important. Space heaters, humidifiers, air diffusers, and fans have always been constants in our offices. Many of us may be cooped up at home for a while, so treat yourselves to something that will make your work from home experience more comfortable. The office’s frigid ac is luckily no longer an issue when you’re working remotely.

But if you’re not living alone, you might have constant arguments with your family, roommates, or partner on what temperature to set. Or maybe you just want to have a more chilled personal space. The Geizeer is an eco-friendly small space solution to cool you down and freshen up your home. And when you’re back in the office, it’s compact enough to bring along with you!

Innovative tech and green-minded design

The cube-shaped desk cooler and perfume diffuser allows 360-degree air output and powerful air diffusion. You can use the Geizeer all day long at any location due to its low power consumption and USB charging capabilities. It is button free and is turned on with magnetic contacts. When the two halves of the cube aren’t connected, the fan stops.

The fan is developed and produced by the world leader in PC components, Enermax. The patented blades and tech reduce noise and electricity consumption. It will cool you and your space when the temperatures rise at a cost of less than 1 cent per day. 

Manufactured in Italy, the Geizeer has beautifully crafted charm. It’s made of wood, which makes for the perfect thermal insulator. The exterior is made of two shells in wood and metal finishing frames. Internally, there’s a rechargeable battery, a micro USB with PCBs, a DC brushless fan, and an ice pack. The Geizeer comes in two grid designs: linear and parametric. The difference is only in the look with no changes in performance.

The grid is designed to optimize air intake without overworking the fan. A multi-use air freshener card,  made of paper from pulp 3mm thick, is designed for “zero waste”. The card includes six circles and you only need to put one circle on the ice pack to freshen up your space.

You can take off each circle from the whole card at various times to better preserve the fragrance. When you’re done with the card, the design allows it to be used as an air freshener for your car or closet!

Easy setup and charging

It’s easy to use and set up the Geizeer. You just enter the previously frozen cooling elements into the bottom of the cube. Then overlap the upper and bottom halves by aligning the two dots of each half.

The magnetic contacts will come together, which closes the electric circuit and now the fan is on! You can check the power status of the fan by looking at the red/blue LED on the USB cable. The red light means charging and blue light means a full battery.

The Geizeer is available in multiple colors to match your style: Bamboo, Natural Wood, Dark Walnut, Black, and Red. Buy Here