Take Your Air Freshener Game to the Next Level With Gent Scents

Remember those pine tree air fresheners from decades ago? There’s something charming about seeing that small paper tree hanging in your car. They can mask the stench of your sweaty gym bag or your late night Taco Bell runs. They still sell those little trees today, but it’s time for an upgrade. Gent Scents is a new take on the classic car air freshener, with a more stylish feel. Instead of the artificial scents traditional air fresheners use, Gent Scents features all natural fragrances derived from premium grade oils. No Pine-Sol scent here! You have five scents to choose from: sandalwood, bayrum, orange spice, musk and cedar. The scent block attaches magnetically to a rugged spring steel clip that fits onto your visor. The block is made of cedar, which is aromatic, warp resistant and gives your car a sophisticated aesthetic.

Gent Scents is a monthly subscription box. Subscriptions vary from one scent per week or one per month. What if you’re a total gearhead and have a packed garage? Or maybe your office needs some freshening up since you just love eating tuna at your desk. Gent Scents also offers subscriptions for between 2-5 scents per month! If you aren’t sure what scents best for you, Gent Scents will soon be offering a Free Smells Program, where they’ll send you three scents of your choice to try right at home. Buy Here


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