Geodome 4 Tent: A Campers Dream Come True

Many outdoorsy type activities are very dependant on the materials used. Hiking: The shoes and gear you bring can make or break your experience. Climbing: The safety equipment can literally save or endanger your life. And camping: the tent you sleep in every night can turn a dreadful and dirty experience into an incredible weekend full of nature and all its beauty. The tent is arguably the most important piece of gear for camping, and the Geodome 4 Tent has not only raised the bar but reinvented what a tent can be.

Shockingly Practical, Stable, and Comfortable

The biggest complaints campers have with their experience in tents usually are pretty consistent. ‘It’s just too small for everyone to fit’, or ‘the wind is blowing over the tent and the rain keeps getting in’. While I can relate to this first hand, the Geodome 4 Tent ensures its users will never have to endure those annoyances again. First off is the size. This tent is lofted using 6 total poles, keeping the space open and the roof high. So high in fact that you can stand up and walk around inside. The material that’s draped over all these poles is weather and bug resistant.

This means not only is it waterproof, but can withstand winds up to 60 mph. This is great, but sometimes on nice days, you might want to feel that cool breeze and enjoy nature a bit more, right? Well, all you’ll have to do is open up any of the five mesh windows, or the two ventilation windows on top. This tent not only keeps you safer from the harsh weather, but it lets you enjoy the nice weather even more. With all this, there is still a final cherry to place on top. This gigantic tent for four can be folded up very easily and placed into a small duffle styled carrying bag.

Don’t let a cheap and flimsy tent ruing your relationship with the outdoors. Camping is something for all people to enjoy, and the North Face Geodome 4 Tent makes it so much easier. Buy Here


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