Gerber GhostStrike Is The Badass Self-Defense Knife Perfect For Everyday Carry

If you are a knife fan, then you’re probably familiar with the term everyday carry. It refers to a knife that you can carry with you every day, no matter what you’re doing. Hopefully you were able to figure it out without the explanation. Whether you carry a knife for its cutting tool capabilities or for self-defense purposes, you need something you can count on. That’s what the Gerber GhostStrike provides.

This knife has an ultra-slim profile that specifically blends in with your clothing, making it almost invisible. That means its perfect for carrying discreetly everyday so its always with you. In fact, the sheath that accompanies the knife can be positioned on a belt vertically, horizontally, or strapped to your ankle. We love its versatility and the fact that you can carry it in various locations on your body.

The blade on the GhostStrike is 3.3 inches and is a fixed-blade for stability. It is a full-tang knife and comes in at 6.9 inches in length. Its skeleton handle frame is not only sturdy, but badass. The blade itself is 402HC steel with black carbon coating. It truly lives up to its name and is the perfect knife for secondary self-defense.

If you’re looking for an everyday carry knife, then look no further. The Gerber GhostStrike comes from a trusted line of knives and won’t let you down. It is ready to accompany you every day, however you choose to carry it, making you more bad ass each time you do. Buy Here

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