Field Dress Like a Pro With the Gerber Moment Field Dress Kit

Hunting is more than just the chase and the kill. And there’s more to improving your hunt than learning better tracking, focus, and aim. When your gear gets an upgrade, so does your hunting experience. And a big part of the hunt is of course, field dressing. Every hunter knows the importance of having the right tools for efficiently dressing game. Halving and quartering game becomes neater and faster when you have the right cleaning kit. Dressing game as soon as possible is important to properly preserve the meat and prevent bacteria. Trust in Gerber, renowned for decades of innovation and dedication for high quality knives and tools. They have you covered with the Moment Field Dress Kit.

The Moment Field Dress Kit is the perfect set of knives to have on hand on any hunting trip. The set includes the Moment Fixed Blade Knife in both small and large sizes housed in a nylon double sheath for side-by-side storage. This two-knife kit can handle all the routine cutting, slicing, and scraping associated with cleaning and dressing game. Both knives give you a comfortable, confident grip and a well-balanced feeling. The handles feature a molded rubber grip, a well-placed guard, thumb traction jimping on the spine, and a large choil. The knives’ fixed blade design makes it easy to clean and the fine edge blades are easy to sharpen.

The large knife features an ergonomic handle and full tang construction. The blade’s gut hook is a great added utility that makes field dressing easier and more efficient. You’ll be able to cut open the animal with precision without the risk of slicing into the intestine or other organs. The fine edge blade is versatile for everything from making small incisions to opening the sternum on your next whitetail. Seasoned hunters and beginners alike will find the Moment Fixed Blade Knife a great tool to have. The small Fixed Blade Knife features the same design and construction as the larger knife. It does feature a finer point compared to its larger counterpart. Its smaller scale also makes it the better option for small game. It’s also best used for caping, cutting directly along leg bones, and other fine detail-oriented work for animals of all sizes.

Founded in 1939 and based in Portland, OR, Gerber is an American brand renowned for their mastery of knives in particular. They’ve also branched out to other products, including multi-tools, cutting tools like axes, saws, and machetes, and other equipment like fire starters, survival kits, tactical pens, and more. All Gerber products are designed and engineered in Portland. Gerber prides itself in creating problem-solving and even life-saving tools catered toward many unique needs. Customers expect quality, reliability, and innovation from Gerber. These customers are extensively hunters, soldiers, and tradesmen, but the everyday joe should definitely have some Gerber products in their tool supply too. You can rest easy knowing all Gerber products are made with high quality materials and will stand up to a lifetime of use. Buy Here



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