Gerber Pack Hatchet Is The Perfect Tool For Your Survival Bag

When it comes to survival (or any outdoor situation) you need gear that is high-quality and won’t let you down. Blades are no different. You might have an awesome pocket knife already, but that isn’t always the right tool for the job. A hatchet is a great upgrade for your survival bag or for your camping gear. This one is a great candidate for the job if we do say so ourselves.

Gerber is known for making some badass blades. Don’t believe us? Check out this every-day-carry knife that fits anywhere. See? This hatchet is no different. It is a compact size, coming in at just 9.46”. Don’t let its size fool you though. Strength is what matters. Thanks to a full tang, this hatchet has plenty of strength for any job. It also features a tall grind in order to retain optimal sharpness through all your chopping, cutting, and carving.

Its stainless-steel construction ensures you’ll have this tool for the long run. It features a rubber overmold on the handle that keeps it snugly in your palm. Exaggerated finger grooves offer you even more control for precise cutting. It comes with a nylon sheath to keep the blade (and you) safe during transport. Speaking of, this hatchet is convenient enough that you can just slide it onto your belt on throw it on the outside of your pack. When you’re in the wilderness, you don’t want to find yourself without a hatchet. It can be your most valuable tool. When this one is so easy to transport, use, and fall in love with, do future you a favor. Grab yours now. Buy Here



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