Gerber Quadrant Knife: Simple, Stylish, and Handy

In a world where we are always looking to make things better, cooler, and just more interesting, people are spoiled for choice. The knife market is really no different, whatever blade type, design material, and style you want, somebody somewhere is selling. However, with so many products coming out, it’s hard for one to stand out and be unique. Despite this, the Gerber Quadrant Straight Edge Flipper Knife does just that.

Distinctly Different

This knife really sticks out from the rest of the field. One of the things that does it for me is the shape. Since this knife is a straight edge, it doesn’t conform to the usual pointed or angled blade we tend to see. This not only makes it look a bit different but makes it more pleasing to look at. This symmetrical shape is not the only thing adding to the good looks. The materials used also help create a sense of style with this tool.

The 2.7-inch flat stainless steel blade is accompanied by a very nice looking bamboo handle piece. Some other handy features of this knife are the sturdy flipper system and clip. This flipper system means it is tight and sturdy. It leaves no chance for the blade to swing open or accidentally reveal it’s sharp edge. This is a knife that’s safer than the rest. The pocket clip makes it handy as well by ensuring you always have a way to carry it. Pockets or not, just clip it to you shorts, backpack, or anything else.

This knife does everything a knife should. It’s handy and practical. It’s sharp and capable. But it also does things not many other knives do. It looks different, and not just that, but it looks good. This knife can serve as a serious tool or a simple fashion accessory. The Gerber Quadrant Straight Edge Flipper Knife has both beauty and brawns. Buy Here


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