GerTent Brings Rugged Luxury Anywhere

We aren’t saying this is glamping, but we are saying this tent is pretty cool. You won’t have to worry about almost anything except actually wanting to get out of your tent and explore. Is that really the worst problem to have though?

With GerTent, you’ll be able to comfortably roam to open plains, mountainsides, or your backyard when the in-laws are staying over.

What Is GerTent?

GerTent is a massive tent that is able to travel with little effort. It is big enough that you can stand straight up in it. That is a big deal to anyone who knows the pain of Hunchback of Notre Dame-ing it to get from one side to the other.

The Gertent is also as strong as an ox. Although it is tall, it is both durable and stable during unpredictable weather. As a bonus, the total assembly time for the whole tent is only 15 minutes. That will leave you with plenty of time for other activities.

Easy Transit

GerTent is separated into two equal bags to make packing it into your vehicle a breeze. The entire setup weighs just 35 kg. For my nonmetric folks, that’s 70 pounds.

Perhaps its most important feature would be that the GerTent is both water and mold resistant. This brings us back to the idea of unpredictable weather. If it starts pouring, you and your campmates will be dry as a bone.

Speaking of, the tent sleeps eight people comfortably and can even facilitate an indoor fire. With eight people in there though that might be a lot of body heat to also want a fire. The tent itself is rounded to give it a comfier feel for you and your potential seven other guests.

When you are ready to head out, there are four doors to choose from as an exit. So, get out there and get exploring in style. Buy Here

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