Become a Kombucha Brewmaster with the GetKombucha Starter Kit

So you’re on the health bandwagon and chugging kombucha like it’s water. Yes, kombucha has a range of health benefits, including detoxification, weight loss, lowering your cholesterol, energy enhancement, and more. The fermentation process of kombucha makes the drink rich in probiotics, great for your gut health. But at almost $5 a pop, all this kombucha is healthy for your wallet. If you’re tired of spending your hard earned cash on store bought kombucha, GetKombucha has the perfect starter kit to get you going on becoming a kombucha brewmaster! The kit includes a whopping 6.5” in diameter and up to 1” thick SCOBY—that’s an acronym for Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast, which is the home for the bacteria and yeast that transforms sweet tea into the delicious, fizzy “booch” you love.

Also packed in this box of goodness is the proprietary kombucha starter liquid, 80 servings of organic whole leaf tea blend, and brewing accessories, including 2 brewing covers, fasteners, ph strips for testing, 2 reusable tea filter pouches, cane juice, and more. The kit does not include a brewing jar—you’ll need to get one yourself in order to create your delicious drink, or you can upgrade to one of the brewing system kits. You’ll have fresh kombucha for a great value and you can customize the flavors since you have total control of what goes in it. Soon you might even find yourself operating a microbrewery in your garage. Buy Here

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