This Giant Party Gator Pool Float Will Get You Drunk

When you see an alligator in the water, you run. Stay in too long and those things will death roll you faster than you can say “in a while crocodile”. When you see this giant party gator though, you’re going to want to swim towards it.

This 6-foot-long and 3-foot-wide inflatable gator is everything you need to get your party on this summer. The center of this beast features a large depression for ice and beer cans. You can fit around 15-20 twelve-oz. cans and plenty of ice to keep them cool. The cool water underneath will also help keep them cold. Around the cooler section are four cupholders that, conveniently, are just the right size for a solo cup.

The Party Gator is built from premium vinyl that’s almost as thick as an alligator’s scales. It is 25-50% thicker than what you’d find in a normal pool float. Why the need for all this extra strength? The Party Gator is made to carry the weight of plenty of drinks and ice. Oh, and the drunk people clinging to it as it floats through the pool.

There are also four grommets on this gigantic float that allow you to anchor it down to one spot. This is great for using it in a lake or river where the gator could float away. Just don’t blame us if this good-looking, fun-time-bringing gator attracts a mate. Maybe it will just want a cold beer? No, it will probably want to eat you whole. But thanks to the Party Gator you’ll be too drunk to care. Beer can do a death roll too. Thanks, Party Gator. Buy Here

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